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Shangchai generator set

Shangchai generator set

Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., located on the beautiful banks of the Huangpu River, was founded in April 1947. For nearly sixty years, Shanghai Diesel Company has always adhered to the corporate purpose of "creating new power for social progress and providing good products for users to become rich", and is relentlessly committed to the research and development, production, and manufacturing of professional diesel engines. It has become one of the well-known engine manufacturers in China, For decades, it has been a supporting strategic partner of Comler.

Generator set performance:

The diesel generator set adopts a full range of COMLER generators with good performance. The engine adopts diesel engines of Shanghai Diesel, Perkins, Yuchai and other brands. The control system is an intelligent interconnected system, which is deeply integrated with the generator set; The fifth generation interconnection microcomputer intelligent interconnection control system and Zhongzhi control system can be configured, and the superior overall design, production, and assembly are more in line with industry standard technical requirements, eliminating the technical design defects of the assembly unit. The constant pressure control system and Haihua treatment are configured according to industry requirements. It has the characteristics of more convenient operation, good efficiency, lower fuel consumption, longer service life, and low-carbon environmental protection. A comprehensive pre-sale, in sales, after-sales, and maintenance service system, as well as a respected brand, will provide customers with better services and contribute to the overall technological development and progress of China's electromechanical industry.

Shangchai generator set

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Product features:

1. The Shangchai generator set adopts a full series of high-performance COMLER generators, and the engine uses Shangchai diesel engines.

2. The microcomputer control system has a good overall technical design, production, and assembly that better meets the standard technical requirements, eliminating the technical design defects of the assembly unit. The constant pressure control system and high salinity treatment are all configured according to international standards.

3. Adopting a new type of necked combustion chamber, increasing fuel injection pressure, improving combustion process, and achieving environmental indicators: the exhaust pollutant emission value meets the requirements of JB8891-1999, and the noise meets the requirements of GB14097-1999.

4. Optimize the design of lubrication and cooling systems, reduce the number of external pipelines and components, and greatly improve the three leaks and reliability by using an integral brushless AC generator.

5. High efficiency, low fuel consumption, long service life, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Introduction to Comler Generators:

1. The Comler (four pole 1500/1800r/min) series brushless three-phase AC synchronous generator adopts the process of forming hard coil winding and VPI vacuum pressure impregnation paint technology to insulate the winding stator and rotor, greatly improving the insulation strength between turns and phases of the generator, ensuring the operational reliability of the generator and further improving its service life;

2. The overall salient pole rotor has a solid winding and a unique iron core ventilation structure. After special treatment, the winding has good heat dissipation effect, and is equipped with a fully damped winding for stable parallel operation;

3. Steel plate frame, overall firm and reliable, with novel design;

4. High automatic voltage regulation accuracy, with the characteristics of low speed protection and reliable differential adjustment during parallel operation. The overall sealing process, three protections, and anti vibration performance are good;

5. According to different installation requirements, there are two types of structures: single bearing and double bearing. The single bearing structure adopts the international SAE standard flywheel interface and connecting plate connection, and non-standard connections can also be customized; The transmission end cover of the double bearing structure comes in three forms: flange cover, integrated cover, and ordinary cover.

6. High performance AVR voltage regulator, even under distorted load conditions, has the characteristics of low speed protection and reliable differential adjustment during parallel operation. The overall sealing process, three protections, and anti vibration performance are good;

1) Adaptability to various environments, particularly suitable for harsh environments such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, coalbed methane, and oil fields.

2) The optimized winding design ensures better performance regardless of whether it is at 50Hz or 60Hz. There are various winding forms to adapt to the voltage requirements of different usage scenarios. The standard design of the generator stator winding has good performance under distorted load conditions.

3) High electrical efficiency ensures that the unit provides more electrical energy.

4) Widely used: telecommunications and internet services; Parallel operation of generator sets; In the field of renewable energy, such as landfills and sewage treatment plants; The fields of coalbed methane, oil fields, and natural gas.

5) A reliable AVR voltage regulator can ensure a qualified voltage regulation rate even under distorted load conditions, and also improve the anti-interference ability of the generator.

6) Can operate continuously for more than 12 hours without interruption, with stable output power;

7) Insulation level: The stator, rotor, and exciter of the generator accept H-level insulation;

8) Capable of meeting the parallel operation function of two units, with full screen display on the control panel, achieving power outage and self start. Other functions can be achieved manually and automatically, and relevant operation training can be organized.


The diesel engine is equipped with a 52 degree radiator and is cooled by water. It can still operate efficiently under full load and high temperatures, making it suitable for operation in low latitude tropical regions.

Shangchai generator set

Controller: Configurable Comler's fifth generation interconnection microcomputer intelligent interconnection control system and Zhongzhi controller.

1. Microcomputer operation template, LCD display, with backlight, achieving unit self start and self stop functions.

2. With four protection functions, the city power has overvoltage, undervoltage, and missing item detection functions, while the power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, and overcurrent detection functions.

3. Support multiple types of engines, display various parameters of the engine, generator, and generator set, and provide shutdown protection when the values are unstable.

4. Upgrade the software version, customers can upgrade the firmware version according to their needs to meet technical requirements.

5. Language: The control system supports 13 languages, meeting the needs of customers in different languages.

6. Four sets of working modes and protection parameters can be set.

7. It can preset the operating time (the unit can be started regularly for maintenance and operation) and maintenance cycle function (the engine needs to be replaced with three filters after running for 250 hours)

8. Remote monitoring of the system can be achieved: RS485 transmission distance can reach up to 1200 meters. Can achieve global network monitoring.

9. Reserve automation interfaces, and the microcomputer control system has a system that can achieve automation functions.

Shangchai generator set


The base is produced using a sheet metal assembly line, calibrated by a balance instrument, and the entire unit is placed on a steel frame base. It is equipped with a dedicated shock absorption device for the unit, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, and making maintenance more convenient.

Shangchai generator set

Advantages of generator sets:

Diesel engine starting method: 24V electric starting 24V DC electric starting, equipped with a direct contact motor and a diesel engine driven charger; Equipped with a self starting system for automatic or manual startup, with a startup time of ≤ 15S

Motor: excitation method is brushless self excitation; The rotor connection method is single support and elastic steel plate connection; Temperature rise of 125 ℃); Automatic voltage regulation; The insulation level is H; The protection level is IP23.

Control part: LED liquid crystal display; The panel has voltmeter, voltage transfer switch, power factor, frequency, power generation and power supply indication; Control the main switch outlet to connect to three-phase four wire.

Exhaust system: Adopting industrial high noise reduction efficiency mufflers and corrugated pipe elastic connectors, with smoke treatment system, meeting national emission standards.

Complete set of configuration: DC 24V starting motor, cooling water tank, fan and its protective net, 24V starting battery pack (can be started continuously for more than 6 times), starting battery charger, electronic governor, exhaust pipe of diesel generator set, etc.

Voltage stability time (s): ≤ 1.5; Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤ 0.5%; Transient voltage regulation rate: ≤ 15%;

Starting method: a combination of electric starting and manual starting; Suction method: turbocharging; Idle speed (rpm): 550-800;

Winding material: all copper; Adjustment method: AVR (automatic voltage regulation)

Technical parameters of Shangchai series (50-1000kw):

ModelUnit brandOil engine modelPrime Power    (KW/KVA)Standby Power    (KW/KVA)Main power of oil engine    (KW)Oil engine standby power    (KW)Speed ControlOil engine brandrated voltage    (V)Rated current  (A)Power factorfrequency  (HZ)speed  (r/min)Overall dimensions  (mm)weight  (KG)
COMLER50KWComler4HTAA4.3-G3250/62.555/68.86268Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/23090.20.85015001900*800*12951020
COMLER80KWComler4HTAA4.3-G3480/10088/11095105Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230144.30.85015001900*800*12951120
COMLER100KWComler4HTAA4.3-G35100/125110/137.5106117Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230180.40.85015001900*800*12951250
COMLER120KWComler4HTAA4.3-G36120/150132/165125140Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230216.50.85015002210*800*13401350
COMLER120KWComler6HTAA6.5-G32120/150132/165140155Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230216.50.85015002600*940*15501600
COMLER150KWComler6HTAA6.5-G33150/187.5165/206.25168185Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230270.60.85015002600*940*15502200
COMLER180KWComler6DTAA8.9-G32180/225198/247.5208228Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230324.70.85015002600*960*16402300
COMLER200KWComler6DTAA8.9-G33200/250220/265230253Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230360.80.85015002600*960*16402300
COMLER230KWComler6DTAA8.9-G34230/287.5253/316.25255280Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230414.90.85015002600*960*16402300
COMLER260KWComler6ETAA11.8-G32260/327.5286/360.25280308Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230469.10.85015003300*1230*17453100
COMLER300KWComler6ETAA11.8-G31300/375330/412.5340380Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230541.20.85015003300*1230*17453300
COMLER360KWComler6ETAA12.8-G31360/450396/495401441Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230649.50.85015003300*1230*17453400
COMLER400KWComler6ETAA12.8-G310400/500440/550441491Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230721.70.85015003300*1230*17453500
COMLER450KWComler6KTAA25-G35450/562.5495/618.8520572Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230811.90.85015003800*1420*23564500
COMLER500KWComler6KTAA25-G34500/625550/687.5572 629Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230902.10.85015003800*1420*23565000
COMLER550KWComler6KTAA25-G33550/687.5605/756.25622684Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/230992.30.85015003800*1420*23565200
COMLER600KWComler6KTAA25-G32600/750660/825685754Electrical regulationSDEC400/2301082.50.85015003800*1420*23565600
COMLER660KWComler6KTAA25-G31660/825726/907.5728800Electronically controlled Common railSDEC400/2301190.80.85015003800*1420*23565800
COMLER720KWComler6KTAA25-G320730/912.5803/1003.7818900electronic unit pumpSDEC400/23012990.85015004450*1800*23707000
COMLER800KWComler6KTAA25-G321800/1000880/1100882970electronic unit pumpSDEC400/2301443.40.85015004450*1800*23707500
COMLER900KWComler6WTAA35-G310900/1125990/1237.510181120electronic unit pumpSDEC400/2301623.80.85015004550*1850*23708000
COMLER1000KWComler6WTAA35-G3111000/12501100/137511181230electronic unit pumpSDEC400/2301804.20.85015004550*1850*23708500
Shangchai generator set
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