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Comler gas generator set

Comler gas generator set

Comler gas generator set

Based on advanced technology in Europe and America, COMLER gas units have been continuously innovated and developed to produce superior performance, reliable quality, clean and environmentally friendly, low emissions, and meet national emission standards. Use cheap gas fuel or circular economy fuel to provide inexhaustible power. Comler Power has become an ideal power supply product for customers.

COMLER gas generating units include: natural gas generating units, biogas generating units, coal-bed gas generating units, biogas generating units, liquefied petroleum gas generating units, wellhead associated gas generating units, straw gas generating units, etc., using combustible gas as fuel, adopting advanced technologies such as lean combustion, electronic ignition, electronic speed regulation, etc., which are characterized by sophisticated technology, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and main technical indicators, such as gas consumption rate, oil consumption rate, exhaust temperature, Vibration and other aspects have reached the forefront level in China. The product is mature and applied in fields such as oilfield associated gas, well gas, parallel grid power generation projects, coalbed methane power generation, biomass gas power generation projects, and gas powered compressor projects. Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asian and African countries and regions. The product has won praise from domestic and foreign users for its excellent performance and comprehensive service.


Functions and characteristics of COMLER natural gas generator set:

1. Clean and environmentally friendly: Compared to diesel, using natural gas can effectively reduce emissions, with NOx reduced by up to 40% and PM reduced to 0;

2. Low cost and wide application: The gas consumption rate can be reduced to below 185g/w.h, suitable for oil and gas fields or areas with abundant gas. Multiple units are connected to the grid for self use or external transmission;

3. Good speed regulation performance: advanced electronic control technology is applied, combined with variable electronic throttle technology, to achieve closed-loop speed control. The steady-state speed fluctuation rate is ≤ 1%, and the transient response speed is fast.

4. Good startup performance: The unit is equipped with an international brand ignition system, and after strict testing, the success rate of startup is high. It only takes 30 seconds from successful cold start to full load operation.

5. Mature and cutting-edge gas control technology

5.1 Low voltage system

Adopting international mainstream low-pressure intake premixed technology, with modular design and ignition self-diagnosis function advantages.

5.2 Medium and high voltage systems

① Internationally advanced single point injection technology: verified in batches by the market, with mature technology;

② Supercharged intercooled lean combustion technology: more efficient and clean combustion with good economy;

③ Electronic boost technology: Control boost pressure to improve overall responsiveness;

④ Oxygen sensor closed-loop control technology: Control the air fuel ratio to improve the consistency and stability of the entire machine performance;

⑤ Single cylinder independent ignition technology: Each cylinder adopts intelligent ignition coils for independent ignition, with high reliability;

⑥ Fault diagnosis technology: comprehensive fault diagnosis and protection strategies, protecting the engine, and timely troubleshooting.

6. Island operation: A local power grid jointly constructed by multiple units can provide power support for surrounding electrical equipment;


7. Parallel operation and grid connection: The imported deep-sea controller 8610 is used, which can be used for parallel operation of 32 generator sets. It has the characteristics of complete functionality, high degree of automation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and economic operation.

7.1 Parallel advantages: After multiple units are combined, an appropriate number of units can be invested according to the load size to ensure that the units operate in good condition. This can reduce fuel and oil consumption, reduce unit failures, and bring significant economic benefits to the enterprise;

7.2 Stability advantage: After the unit is merged, the power supply quality is improved, the voltage and frequency of the electrical equipment are stable, and can withstand the impact of large loads on the generator. Each gas unit is equipped with a PMG system, which can effectively enhance the unit's anti-interference ability;

7.3 Regulation advantages: After the unit is combined, it becomes an integrated power grid, and after adopting centralized control, power dispatch is convenient.

8. Advantages of noise reduction, dust prevention, and rain prevention: The addition of a generator set static speaker and the use of specialized noise reduction and silencing materials greatly reduce the extension of mechanical noise, which can reduce the noise to below 75 decibels. It has multiple functions such as rain prevention, dust prevention, and insulation.

9. Convenient operation: Equipped with ATS and high-performance intelligent electrical system, the unit can automatically start and stop, switch between mains power and electromechanical power, and automatically monitor the operation status of the unit when unmanned.

10. Remote Management: The Comler Intelligent Interconnection Service System uses wireless transmission to access the internet, allowing for 24-hour remote management of the standby and operation status of the generator set, automatic processing of all data of the unit, and more efficient operation of the unit.

Comler gas generator set
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