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Yuchai generator set


Established in 1951, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Yulin City, Guangxi and has 9 subsidiaries. Its production bases are located in Guangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, and other places. It is one of the diesel engine manufacturers in China and a complete range of internal combustion engine production bases. Guangxi Yuchai's products include diesel engines, gas engines, hybrid systems, and pure electric systems. With the characteristics of high power, high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low noise, low emissions, and strong adaptability, and a professional segmented market, it has become a necessary supporting power for major domestic trucks, buses, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, marine electrical machinery, specialized vehicles, passenger cars, and other vehicles, providing strong power for economic development. Yuchai has become one of Comler's important win-win strategic partners.

Engine performance:

The diesel generator set is equipped with a full range of high-performance COMLER generators, Yuchai engines, etc. The superior overall technical design, production and assembly are more in line with the technical requirements of international standards, and the technical design defects of the assembled unit are abandoned.

The constant pressure control system and high salinity treatment are all configured according to international standards. It has the characteristics of more convenient operation, higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, longer service life, and low-carbon environmental protection. A comprehensive maintenance service system and respected international brands will provide customers with better services and contribute to the overall technological development and progress of China's electromechanical industry.


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Introduction to Comler Generators:

1. The Comler (four pole 1500/1800r/min) series brushless three-phase AC synchronous generator adopts a unique forming hard coil winding process and VPI vacuum pressure impregnation technology to insulate the winding stator and rotor, greatly improving the insulation strength between turns and phases of the generator, ensuring the operational reliability of the generator and further improving its service life;

2. The overall salient pole rotor has a solid winding and a unique iron core ventilation structure. After special treatment, the winding has good heat dissipation effect, and is equipped with a fully damped winding for stable parallel operation;

3. Steel plate frame, overall firm and reliable, with novel design;

4. High automatic voltage regulation accuracy, with the characteristics of low speed protection and reliable differential adjustment during parallel operation. The overall sealing process, three protections, and anti vibration performance are good;

5. According to different installation requirements, there are two types of structures: single bearing and double bearing. The single bearing structure adopts the international SAE standard flywheel interface and connecting plate connection, and non-standard connections can also be customized; The transmission end cover of the double bearing structure comes in three forms: flange cover, integrated cover, and ordinary cover.

6. High performance AVR voltage regulator, even under distorted load conditions, has the characteristics of low speed protection and reliable differential adjustment during parallel operation. The overall sealing process, three protections, and anti vibration performance are good;

1) Adaptability to various environments, particularly suitable for harsh environments such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, coalbed methane, and oil fields.

2) The optimized winding design ensures better performance regardless of whether it is at 50Hz or 60Hz. There are various winding forms to adapt to the voltage requirements of different usage scenarios. The standard design of the generator stator winding has good performance under distorted load conditions.

3) High electrical efficiency ensures that the unit provides more electrical energy.

4) Widely used: telecommunications and internet services; Parallel operation of generator sets; In the field of renewable energy, such as landfills and sewage treatment plants; Coal seams, oil fields, and natural gas fields.

5) A reliable AVR voltage regulator can ensure a qualified voltage regulation rate even under distorted load conditions, and also improve the anti-interference ability of the generator.


The diesel engine is equipped with a 52 degree radiator and is cooled by water. It can still operate efficiently under full load and high temperatures, making it suitable for operation in low latitude tropical regions.


Controller: Configurable Comler's fifth generation interconnected microcomputer intelligent power supply system, UK deep-sea DSE7320

1. Microcomputer operation template, LCD display, with backlight, achieving unit self start and self stop functions.

2. With four protection functions, the city power has overvoltage, undervoltage, and missing item detection functions, while the power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, and overcurrent detection functions.

3. Support multiple types of engines, display various parameters of the engine, generator, and generator set, and provide shutdown protection when the values are unstable.

4. Upgrade the software version, customers can upgrade the firmware version according to their needs to meet technical requirements.

5. Language: The control system supports 13 languages, meeting the needs of customers in different languages.

6. Four sets of working modes and protection parameters can be set.

7. It can preset the operating time (the unit can be started regularly for maintenance and operation) and maintenance cycle function (the engine needs to be replaced with three filters after running for 250 hours)

8. Remote monitoring of the system can be achieved: RS485 transmission distance can reach 1200 meters. DSE7320+DSE890 enables global network monitoring

9. Reserve automation interfaces, and the microcomputer control system has a system that can achieve automation functions.



The base is produced using a sheet metal assembly line, calibrated by a balance instrument, and the entire unit is placed on a steel frame base. It is equipped with a dedicated shock absorption device for the unit, ensuring smooth and reliable operation, and making maintenance more convenient.

Introduction to technical parameters of Yuchai series (10kw-2200kw):

ModelUnit brandOil engine modelCommon power of oil engineSpeed ControlOil engine brandrated voltage(V)Rated current(A)Power factorfrequency(HZ)speed(r/min)Overall dimensions(mm)weight(KG)
COMLER10KWComler4D24G618.5KWElectrically controlled VP pumpYuchai400/230180.85015001500*650*1055550
COMLER15KWComler4D24G618.5KWElectrically controlled VP pumpYuchai400/230270.85015001500*650*1055550
COMLER20KWComler4D24G723KWElectrically controlled VP pumpYuchai400/230360.85015001500*650*1055550
COMLER25KWComler4D24TG228KWElectrically controlled VP pumpYuchai400/23045.10.85015001500*650*1055580
COMLER30KWComler4D24TG036KWElectrically controlled VP pumpYuchai400/23054.10.85015001500*650*1055600
COMLER40KWComlerYCD4V33H6-7550KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/23072.10.85015001800*750*1150800
COMLER50KWComlerYC4D90-D3460KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/23090.20.85015001900*800*1295850
COMLER80KWComlerYC4D140-D31100KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230144.30.85015001900*800*13951080
COMLER100KWComlerYC4A165-D30110KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230180.40.85015002410*900*13401100
COMLER110KWComlerYC4A190-D30125KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230198.40.85015002410*900*13401350
COMLER120KWComlerYCD6Q23H8-210140KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230216.50.85015002600*940*16401500
COMLER150KWComlerYCD6Q33H6-260190KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230270.60.85015002600*960*16501600
COMLER170KWComlerYCD6Q33H6-260190KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230306.70.85015002600*960*16501700
COMLER200KWComlerYCA08350-D30235KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230360.80.85015002600*1100*16402100
COMLER250KWComlerYC6MK420-D30281KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2304510.85015003150*1140*17662500
COMLER300KWComlerYC6MJ500-D30334KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230541.20.85015003150*1140*17663000
COMLER350KWComlerYC6K600-D30401KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230631.40.85015003300*1230*17453400
COMLER400KWComlerYC6K660-D30441KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/230721.70.85015003300*1230*17453500
COMLER450KWComlerYC6TD780-D31520KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/230811.90.85015003700*1450*20004500
COMLER500KWComlerYC6TD840-D31561KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/230902.10.85015003700*1450*20005200
COMLER550KWComlerYC6TD900-D31605KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/230992.30.85015003700*1450*20005300
COMLER600KWComlerYC6TD1000-D30668KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2301082.50.85015003700*1840*21505600
COMLER650KWComlerYC6TH1070-D31715KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2301172.70.85015004450*2000*23007000
COMLER730KWComlerYC6TH1220-D31815KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2301317.10.85015004450*2000*23007600
COMLER800KWComlerYC6TH1320-D31880KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2301443.40.85015004450*2000*23008100
COMLER900KWComlerYC6C1520-D311016KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2301623.80.85015004650*1800*25008500
COMLER1000KWComlerYC6C1660-D311110KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2301804.20.85015004650*1800*250010500
COMLER1100KWComlerYC12VTD1830-D301220KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2301984.60.85015004310*2100*257012000
COMLER1200KWComlerYC12VTD2000-D301345KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2302165.10.85015004310*2100*257012300
COMLER1350KWComlerYC16VTD2270-D301520KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2302435.70.85015005060*2420*276013000
COMLER1500KWComlerYC16VTD2510-D301680KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2302706.40.85015005300*2500*276013500
COMLER1700KWComlerYC12VC2700-D311805KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2303067.20.85015005900*2400*278518500
COMLER1800KWComlerYC12VC3000-D302005KWElectronically controlled Common railYuchai400/2303247.60.85015006220*2450*298019500
COMLER2000KWComlerYC16VC3300-D312250KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2303608.50.85015007200*2850*305023400
COMLER2200KWComlerYC16VC3600-D312405KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2303969.30.85015007800*2715*326525800
COMLER2400KWComlerYC16VC4000-D312673KWelectronic unit pumpYuchai400/2304330.20.85015007800*2715*326527000
Yuchai generator set
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