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Comler high-voltage generator set

Comler high-voltage generator set

(1) COMLER High Voltage Generator Set Power Supply System (Engineer CXK)

COMLER high-voltage generator set is a high-voltage series generator set produced in accordance with the national standard [GB/T 2820 Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Driven AC Generator Set], the rotating motor standard of the National Electrotechnical Commission [IEC 34-1] and the General technology conditions of GB/T 31038-2014 high-voltage diesel generator set. The power fuel of the high-voltage generator set can be divided into diesel, heavy oil and gas, and the voltage level can be divided into 6300V, 10500V and 15000V.

The COMLER high-voltage generator has high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, small voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life, and good economic performance. Due to the high output voltage and small output current of the unit, and the small power loss during power transmission, it is very suitable for long-distance transmission. The high-voltage power supply system can be directly connected to high-voltage loads, saving a large amount of investment in power distribution system equipment and making it more convenient to use.

(2) Power supply characteristics of COMLER high-voltage generator set system

The COMLER series high-voltage generator units can be powered by a single unit or multiple units to form an independent power grid (parallel) to supply power to the load according to requirements, or by a single unit or multiple units to form a power grid to supply power to the load through the parallel grid management system and the municipal power grid.

(3) Application of COMLER High Voltage Generator Set Power Supply System

COMLER high-voltage generator sets have been widely used, especially in applications with large capacity requirements and long power transmission distance. High voltage diesel generator sets have obvious advantages such as large capacity, long distance power supply, strong reliability, reasonable supporting distribution system structure, etc. High voltage diesel generator sets have been widely used in industries and mines, metallurgy, data centers, ports, airports and other fields. The humanized control system saves energy and also saves a large amount of investment in power supply and distribution systems by connecting machines to the grid. The characteristics of high voltage and low current determine the advantages of long-distance transmission of high-voltage generators.

(4) Characteristics of COMLER High Voltage Generator Set Control System

1. Function and Characteristics - Construction: The high-voltage generator set mainly includes a common bottom skid, high-voltage generator, engine, cooler (water tank), high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage control panel, power cabinet (optional), PT cabinet (selected based on function).

2. The powerful communication capability includes a 10M/100M adaptive industrial Ethernet port and two serial ports for easy communication with other intelligent devices. The communication specifications of each serial port and Ethernet interface can be independently configured. Complete communication protocol; The network layer supports TCE protocol and UDP protocol. The application layer supports protocols such as CDT92 and IEC870-101.103104.

3. High voltage switchgear: The switchgear adopts COMLER-KYN28A-12 cabinet, according to GB 3906-2006 "3.6KV~40.5KV AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear and Control System", GB 1984 2014 "High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers", and GB 1985 2014 "High Voltage AC Isolation and Grounding Switches". Equipped with high-voltage circuit breakers, CT, PT, and DRS-500 systems (integrated protection), etc. And obtain a qualified certification report approved by the national electrical product quality supervision and inspection, and the system follows a universal fully decentralized design.

The system integrates protection, telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and other functions. It has protection functions such as overcurrent, quick break, low voltage PT, CT wire break, and winding grounding. Measure three-phase voltage and current; Active, reactive, power factor, frequency, zero sequence current, etc., equipped with harmonic elimination, lightning protection, and dehumidification devices. And equipped with a low-voltage control cabinet, which improves the safety factor of the switchgear.

Reference image of high-voltage switchgear (right)

Comler high-voltage generator set 


4. PT cabinet (option): refers to the voltage transformer cabinet. In high-voltage distribution, due to the high voltage, it cannot be directly connected to secondary equipment, so a voltage transformer is required for conversion. Generally, the 10KV voltage is converted to 100V or 220V, and then connected to secondary equipment such as protection devices and metering meters.

PT cabinet reference image (right)

Comler high-voltage generator set 


5. The power cabinet (option) provides control power to the high-voltage switchgear. The specifications are divided into DC24V, DC48, DC110V, and DC220V; Characteristics of DC screen control system

The main monitoring adopts a 320 * 240 LCD Chinese character menu display and touch screen operation.

The monitoring system adopts a modular building block structure, with multiple detection power supplies controlled in blocks and connected internally through RS485 bus.

Configurable battery inspection and insulation line selection.

Our company's 5A and above modules are optional to form the system, with flexible configuration.

● Support all wiring schemes (including three chargers, dual battery packs, and busbar segmentation).

It can support dual pack 18/112 or 9/56 battery inspection.

It can support two sections of busbar insulation branch detection, with a maximum of 120 circuits per section.

The main monitoring system provides RS232/RS485 interfaces with built-in communication protocols such as RTU, CDT, and MODBUS, which can be connected to the power station automation system.

Power cabinet reference image (right)

Comler high-voltage generator set 


Comler high-voltage generator set
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