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Shandong Comler Generator Co., Ltd


Based on a century of advanced generation technology from Europe and America, Comler Power continuously introduces, innovates, and manufactures power equipment suitable for the needs of China and various regions around the world, creating a new chapter in China's green power. Comler will contribute to driving the overall development and technological progress of China's power products.

The product range is 3kw-10000kw, and is divided into power supply products such as generator sets, intelligent automation units, intelligent parallel and grid connected units, mobile power stations, low noise units, ultra silent units, high-voltage generator sets, gasoline generator sets, gas units, marine units, mobile lighthouses, intelligent super charging stations (stations), etc. The product is mainly suitable for users in various industries such as energy, petroleum, petrochemical, communication, data centers, computer rooms, engineering, China Construction, China Railway, Railway Construction, animal husbandry, geological exploration, emergency and disaster relief, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, operating enterprises, etc. It is an ideal power supply product for international brands in various industries. Comler has also established an international industrial park for generators, a highly intelligent digital production line, and a high standard generator testing center; All adopt internationally advanced CNC production equipment, and Comler Electric takes technology as the leader. It uses international standards (ISO 8528:5-2013) to produce and manufacture every component of the product, meticulously making every detail of the product, making the production and manufacturing equipment sophisticated and durable. Power products with superior performance are high-tech models and excellent products of advanced technology in the field of power generation equipment.

The company has passed the certifications of ISO 9001 International Quality Management System, ISO14001 International Environmental Management System, ISO45001 International Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and has obtained the certification of using international standard product labeling, enterprise product using international standard production recognition certificate, metrological assurance confirmation certificate, standardization good behavior certificate, CQC product safety certification, Tyre certification, CE certification, and three-level qualification for mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting CCS certification by the Classification Society, member units of the China Electrical Industry Association, member units of the China Communications Enterprise Association, government awarded "Advanced Enterprise", "Star Enterprise", "Special Contribution Enterprise", "High tech Enterprise", "Top 100 Enterprises in Jining City", "High tech Enterprise", "Graduate Teaching and Practice Base of Shandong University of Science and Technology", "Government Designated Procurement Unit" and other honorary titles.

With scientific research as the center and the development of an integrated industrial chain as the basis, Comler will promote science and technology, high-quality products and standardized standard service system to Chinese Mainland. Comler International will make contributions to driving the overall development and technological progress of China's electromechanical industry.

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