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Comler automatic generator set

Comler automatic generator set

COMLER Intelligent Interconnected Fully Automatic Generator Set Power Supply System (Engineer XEL)

The COMLER intelligent interconnected fully automatic generator set adopts a GGD type cabinet as its overall framework. The system adopts the fifth generation interconnected microcomputer intelligent control system of Comler and the British deep-sea microcomputer automation digital high-performance control system, equipped with ATS and high-performance intelligent electrical systems. The unit automatically realizes automatic start and stop, automatic switching between urban power and electromechanical power, and automatic monitoring of unit operation status without anyone on duty. It has four protection functions and multiple protection functions, and can digitally display various data of the unit, including line voltage, line current, output power, power factor, frequency reverse power, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc. Oil engine part: display oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, speed, etc. The GGD cabinet is produced using an automated sheet metal production line, with a reasonable design and structure according to power requirements. The cabinet is treated with anti-corrosion and can be combined with multiple cabinets. The automated intelligent control system has two modes: automatic and manual functions, and the grid connected system can supply power to the load together with the city grid, with remote service function.

The product has undergone comprehensive and strict testing and passed the CQC quality certification of the China Quality Certification Center.

1、 Functions of COMLER fully automatic generator set

COMLER fully automatic generator sets are widely used in schools, hospitals, hotels, buildings, real estate, information centers, industrial and mining enterprises, and other emergency power supply systems for power users after power outages. The product has strong breaking ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical action, convenient combination, strong serializability and practicality, novel structure, and high protection level.

2、 Technology and advantages

Technical parameters:

Serial Number


Technical Parameter


rated voltage



Rated current



Rated short circuit breaking current



Rated short-time withstand current



Rated peak withstand current



protection grade



Technical advantages:

1. Technical performance advantages: The Comler 5th generation interconnected microcomputer intelligent power supply system and the UK deep-sea generator control system are adopted with superior performance and technology.

2. Advantages of operation display: Microcomputer operation template, LCD display, with backlight, achieving unit self start and self stop functions.

3. Protection advantages: With four protection functions, the city power has overvoltage, undervoltage, and missing item detection functions, while the power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, and overcurrent detection functions.

4. Technical update advantages: Upgrade software versions, customers can upgrade versions according to their needs to meet technical requirements.

5. Language advantage: The control system supports 13 languages, meeting the needs of customers in different languages.

6. Advantages of working mode: 4 sets of working modes and protection parameters can be set.

7. Advantages of regular self maintenance: It can preset operating time (the unit can be started regularly for maintenance operation) and maintenance cycle function.

8. Remote control advantage: It can achieve remote monitoring of the system, and the RS485 transmission distance can reach up to 1200 meters. DSE7320+DSE890 can achieve network monitoring.

9. Safety advantage: Passed the CQC quality certification of the China Quality Certification Center.

10. Intelligent interconnection: the deep combination of people and units, Internet plus+generators, the mutual combination of Internet technology and generators, to achieve remote management and uninterrupted service of units, so that units can operate more efficiently. Save a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources to continuously create value for customers.

3、 The product meets national standards

 ISO 8528:5-2013

 Reciprocating internal combustion alternating current generator sets - Part 5: Generator sets

 GB 7251-2013

 Low voltage switchgear and control equipment

 GB/T 20641-2014

General Requirements for Empty Enclosures of Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment

 JB/T 4129-1999

Burr Height of Stamped Parts

 GB 7251.12-2013

Low voltage switchgear and control equipment - Part 2: Complete sets of power switchgear and control equipment

 GB/T 2820

AC generator sets driven by reciprocating internal combustion engines

 GB/T 15548-2008

General conditions for three-phase synchronous alternating current generators driven by reciprocating internal combustion engines

 GB/T 12786-2006

General technology Conditions for Automatic Internal Combustion Engine Power Station

 GB/T 4712-2008

Classification Requirements for Automatic Diesel Generator Sets

    The COMLER intelligent interconnected fully automatic power supply system has superior technical performance, making it a necessary choice for high-quality users. It is an ideal power supply product for users in various industries, and the Comler automated power supply system is a core electrical automation technology competitor.

Comler automatic generator set
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