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Comler Mobile Power Car

Comler Mobile Power Car

The Comler mobile power vehicle is a specialized vehicle equipped with a cabin, generator set, and power management system on the chassis of a standardized Class II vehicle. It is mainly used in places such as power, communication, conferences, engineering rescue, and other places where a power outage will have a serious impact. It serves as a mobile emergency backup power source and can provide power for some repair equipment. The design of the power vehicle is safe and reasonable, in accordance with the national standard GB/T2819-1995, with good off-road performance and adaptability to various road surfaces. It is suitable for all-weather outdoor operations, and can work in extremely high, low temperatures, and harsh environments such as sand and dust. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable overall performance, easy operation, low noise, good emissions, and good maintenance. It is suitable for fast emergency power supply, field engineering construction, emergency rescue, disaster relief, highways, railways, water conservancy, exploration and production, oil depots and stations, troops, communication, and other users, and is deeply loved by a wide range of users.

Comler Mobile Power Car
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