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Comler Generator Set Research Institute

research institute

Comler Research Institute: It has a research and development center for generator sets and a research and development center for silent generator set engineering technology.

The research and development center for power generation units established in 2010 was awarded the title of Enterprise Technology Center;

In 2016, a research and development center for silent generator sets was established, and the ultra silent self starting generator set project studied won the second prize of the 2016 Science and Technology Award;

In 2017, this research and development center was evaluated by the Jining Science and Technology Bureau as the Jining Silent Generator Unit Engineering Technology Research Center.

Scientific research talent reserve: Comler currently has advanced technological development capabilities, and has initially formed a multi-level open technology development centered on the technology development center and professional technical research of generator and generator unit silent engineering projects.

University cooperation: Comler signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering of Shandong University of Science and Technology in 2015 to carry out in-depth cooperation in technological innovation and achievement transformation through the combination of production, teaching and research;

Intellectual Property: Comler owns multiple intellectual property rights, including 30 authorized patents and 7 pending patents; In the field of mute technology, Comler also has fully independent intellectual property rights and has been put into practical use.

The Comler International Mute Unit Research and Development Center and Laboratory have become an international platform for mute unit research and development, design, and technical exchange, always leading the research and development innovation of international standards for mute units. We have conducted in-depth exchanges with peers at BMW International, Dubai Power Show, Myanmar Power Show, Indonesia Power Show, Thailand Power Show, and other events, always standing on the international exchange platform and making contributions to the technological development and progress of silent units in China.

When German scientists, the father of Rudolf Diesel, invented the engine in 1892 more than 100 years ago, pushing the industrial revolution in Europe and the United States to a climax.

When Michael Faraday, the father of the dynamo and a British scientist, invented the dynamo more than a hundred years ago in 1831, the emergence of electricity brought humanity into the era of civilization. Over the next 100 years, the technology of generators and diesel engines continued to develop and mature in developed countries in Europe and America, becoming the creators of power systems.

Puersmann Electric Power - The birth of Puersmann Electric Power in China in 1898 opened a new chapter in China's industrial civilization. At that time, the electric light house was called divine fire by the Chinese people, and the reputation of Puersmann brand in the power industry has been continuously passed down in China for over a hundred years

Comler Electric Power, the founder of green power in China, has set up a research and development center for generator sets and a research and development center for silent generator set engineering technology under Comler Research Institute. Based on the century old technology of European and American generator sets, it will continuously introduce, innovate, and manufacture power equipment suitable for domestic and market demand in various regions, creating a new chapter in green power.

The Comler Power R&D Center has established strategic cooperation with domestic research institutions to create a research and development platform for power supply system generator sets and connect with international research achievements. In China, "creating customer value" is the starting point and foothold of the design inspiration of the Comler research team. We always carefully design every component of our products from the perspective of our customers, striving for intelligence, humanization, and scientificity, showcasing product quality, in order to meet the needs of international and domestic customers such as aerospace, hospitals, information centers, factories and mines, and continuously create value for our customers.

Comler Generator Set Research Institute
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